Facebook sets the reopening date for SF, Bay Area offices, with no free food and no transit

Facebook has set a reopening date for the Bay Area office: May 10.

The social media giant will open with a capacity of 10% from its Menlo Park headquarters, as long as health data continues to improve. The offices in Fremont will reopen on May 17, Sunnyvale on May 24, and the two towers in downtown San Francisco on June 7.

Employees were allowed to work from home until July 2 and can now remain remote up to a month after the offices reach 50% capacity. That will likely be after Sept. 7 for major sites, Facebook said.

Facebook is also reopening offices in Seattle in April and is in the process of reopening offices in Asia.

The company is scrapping some of its main benefits for health reasons: There will be no free food and no buses taking employees to campus. There is no timeline for when they will return.

“When we got back to the office, we set up a number of protocols, including testing, taking physical distance, wearing masks and other best practices. We will continue to work with experts to ensure that our return to office plans prioritize everyone’s health and safety, ”said Chloe Meyere, a Facebook spokeswoman.

The company does not require employees to be vaccinated to return to offices.