Facebook helps Fortnite creator Epic Games in its legal battle against Apple

Facebook and Apple

The social networking giant is up against the iPhone maker.

James Martin / CNET

Facebook wants to participate Fortnite Creator Epic Games’ high-profile lawsuit against Apple, which provides information about how the iPhone and iPad maker’s policies harm other companies. The move was revealed the same day Facebook launched a nationwide print ad campaign criticism of Apple’s privacy policy.

“We think it is very important for the court to understand the far-reaching consequences of Apple’s unfair policies,” Steve Satterfield, Facebook’s director of privacy and public policy, said in a conference call on Wednesday.

Apple said Facebook executives want to collect as much information about users as possible, without regard to user privacy. Epic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Epic vs. Apple lawsuit will begin in 2021


Facebook’s move to join Epic’s fight against Apple could change the dynamics of how the public sees this legal battle. Epic sued Apple in August about the up to 30% commission that Apple charges for purchases people make in apps like Fortnite.

Epic positioned its legal battle against Apple like a fight over the way app stores and internet games work, with far-reaching consequences for the future of the technical industry. But many users and industry analysts saw the suit as one expensive hit fight between a billion dollar company and a billion dollar company.

Whether Facebook’s participation in the lawsuit will change, that remains to be seen. Epic and Apple’s Legal Battle is scheduled to appear before a jury next year.