Everton confirms: James will miss the games against these 2 rivals

James’ bad time at Everton continues. This was confirmed by Carlo Ancelotti himself, who the Colombian ruled out for Saturday’s game against Shefield United on date 15 of the Premier League. The coffee grower will build up his fifth absence from Liverpool in a row in this way.

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Even the Italian coach went ahead and immediately excluded Rodríguez from the next game, that is to say against Manchester City led by Catalan Pep Guardiola, which made him miss another game against one of the leading teams in English football. “James Rodríguez will not be available for the next two games‘Said’ Carleto ‘at a press conference.

It’s worth noting that although James Rodríguez is injured, Everton have won their last three Premier League games, with an emphasis on the good work of defender Yerry Mina. The Toffees have beaten Chelsea, Leicester City and also Arsenal, helping them climb to fourth place in the standings.

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“We are not worried. We are sad because James is a major player for us, but if he can’t play he’s not ready, we can’t pressure him to come backAncelotti himself responded a few days ago when questioned about the concerns that the Colombian’s long absence might raise.