Este es el costo real de ser el mayor seguidor de Apple

(CNN Business) – Imagine: eres el mayor amante de Apple. Tienes a presupuesto ilimitado. Y Quieres Todas Las Cosas: Los dispositivos de primera línea, los accesorios elegantes y los servicios.

Isn’t there a need for a chip from the great gama or the almacenamiento adicional, pero están ahí, ¿damn?

The difference between the different Apple phones and the Apple phone is a marca more accessible than the iPhone SE financing option and the iPhone SE is also an econo mico.

Pero Apple siempre fue una marca prémium. Y for the personas with dinero for gastar, Apple has algunas formas alucinantes para que las personas paguen cantidades enormes de dinero.

Encourages CNN Business to research the cost of your Apple product. There are no queues.


iPhone 12 viene with 5G technology. Muchos no lo notarán 2:47

Possible issues updating the phone on the new iPhone 12, with a connected 5G connection and a new telephoto lens. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is available for iPhone 12 Pro Max with a pantalla of 6.7 pulgadas (US $ 1,099) and 512 GB for almacenamiento (US $ 300). More AppleCare + with a price of € 269 more and more for a fee.

A good name, a silicon funda with MagSafe (US $ 49) for a fee and a license for a load of MagSafe (US $ 39).

Total: US $ 1,756.00 (excluyendo costos / descuentos adicionales del operador)

Apple Watch

Like the new Apple Watch Series 6 1:59

The Apple Watch is more available from the Apple Apple store (available for a bus and third-party supplier only) for sale for US $ 1,499. Agrégale AppleCare + for US $ 149. Teenagers of an indestructible disc at 44 mm with a black color and a “Single Tour” of the Colección Apple Watch Hermès. For a combination of Apple Watch with Birkin.

Total: US $ 1,648.00 (excluyendo los costos adicionales del operador)


For a new provider in a casa, a conseguir una Mac Pro (US $ 5,999) with all additional information for US $ 54,447.98. Includes a processor Intel Xeon with 28 digits and 2.5 GHz with a Turbo Boost of 4.4 GHz (US $ 7,000); 1.5 TB de memoria ($ 25,000 dólares); dos chips Radeon Pro Vega II Duo with 2X32 GB de memoria HBM2 cada uno (US $ 10,800); 8 TB de almacenamiento (US $ 2,600); an Apple Afterburner for a large video display (US $ 2,000); ruedas (US $ 400); a Magic Mouse 2 and a Magic Trackpad 2 (US $ 149); and release software Final Cut Pro y Logic Pro pre-instalados (US $ 499.98).

You can watch a monitor. Apple has a 32-pack Pro Display XDR with Retina 6K and nano-texture for US $ 5,999 and a Pro Stand for US $ 999. This monitor is priced at US $ 199.

For AppleCare + cable: € 798 and € 129.

Total: US $ 62,571.98

MacBook from Apple

This is a MacBook for a laptop and a mobile phone, one of the first line with the following features: MacBook Pro from 16 pcs and gray special (US $ 2,799) with Intel Core i9 from 8 núcleos and 2.4 New generation GHz with Turbo Boost from 5.0 GHz (US $ 200); 64 gigabytes of memoria (US $ 800); a chip for AMD Radeon Pro 5600M with 8 GB memory HBM2 (US $ 700); 8 TB de almacenamiento (US $ 2,200); and pre-installation of ambos software (Final Cut Pro for US $ 299.99 and Logic Pro for $ 199.99). Todo eso suma US $ 7,198.98. More AppleCare + for protected cost at cost price US $ 379.

The likely necesites algunos accesorios.

Probablemente también necesitará algunos accesorios. A USB-C cable for a USB-C cable for the iPhone and for the MacBook and for the USB cable and for a USB cable, for US $ 36. An unplugged cable (US $ 199) Correa the reloj Hermès. A teclado with a teclado numérico at costará US $ 129 and a mouse with mouse from US $ 994.95. You can get a customizable MacBook Pro for US $ 79.95.

Total: US $ 9,016.88


Apple promociona el ipad como un dispositivo que puede ser tanto una pc como una tableta. The iPad Pro from 12.9 and more iPads and US $ 1649, – with additional costs for special accessories. There is 1 TB of almacenamiento and servicio celular (los costos adicionales variarán según el operador). AppleCare + agrega otros US $ 129. Con a teclado (US $ 349) for an old PC and an Apple Pencil (US $ 129) with a garabatear not like a dibujar and inDesign.

Antes de salir of the tienda, the protector of the iPad of the caídas and the desgaste diario. A price of US $ 99 and a combination of a mochila combination (not for a card or for the iPad!) For a price of US $ 99.

Total: US $ 2,583 (excluding operator fees)


Not a nostalgic experience! Apple released a new version of the iPod touch in 2019 and it sold for US $ 399 with 256 GB of almacenamiento. Agrega AppleCare + for US $ 59.

A great admirador, or a stranger who does not know the text of the text and the level of the iPod, the iPod, the iPod and the iPhone, including Apple Music. ¿Un estuche for iPod touch? US $ 30.

Total: US $ 488

AirPods Pro

Apple presents new AirPods Pro 0:56

The US $ 249 money is one of the mayor’s favorites, an ATM in the circulation and a social social one on the other side. (Dijeron lo mismo sobre los AirPods cuando se presentaron in 2016). Prior to a particular AirPod version, a causal device and another AirPod version are available. The additional protection at the cost of US $ 29.

Total: $ 278

AirPods Max

His son is now loose and costs AirPods Max from Apple 1:17

There is no sound and no AirPods Pro simple, but it is not enough for an overall or different sound, Apple has a new product for AirPods Max. This is a massive US $ 549, has an iPhone with Apple accessories, and an Apple AirPods and Beats.

As a buscar mejorar for experience with audio or simplification, curiosity about the última version, podría tener sentido obtenerlos. There may be more digs for AirPods or AirPods Pro that are available. For protegerlos, prepare gastarotros US $ 59.

Total: US $ 608


Such as the HomePod mini, the new Apple app 0:55

This is one in the Apple ecosystem, in a different way than at a higher level, a solo hay and a fixed value tip with a resto of the available devices and the automatic Apple Music predetermined: HomePod. This is one of the most important data from Google Assistant and Amazon and for Apple cobra US $ 299 for another calaba acid and US $ 39 for AppleCare +. For your money, digital photos and an integral bastant bien con los muebles modernos.

Total: US $ 338

Apple TV

It is a full TV channel without a TV system (y, ya sabes, un sofá, pero aún no hemos view a Apple, Google or Samsung lanzar un sofá de marca). This is the beginning of the Apple TV.

For a smart phone, watching TV or a separate TV, a TV set from Sony or Samsung 4K. For US $ 199, Apple has an Apple TV app, a connection to a TV set or TV set that is not attributed to the MasterClass and the remote. This has made several decades of milestone for the television, the Apple TV with a US $ 29 protection plan and a pastel guide.

Total: US $ 228


¿Qué including the servicio de suscripción Apple One? 1:15

For ultimo, Apple también está en el negocio de vender services en base a suscripción.

It’s an iPhone you can use to check on your phone and the hay you need. Apple ofrece tantos services que creó un paquete llamado Apple One for brindar access to all ellos. Free download, Apple One cuesta US $ 29.95 for Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, 2 TB from almacenamiento and iCloud and Apple Fitness +, que se lanza este 14 de diciembre.

Total: US $ 359.40 por año

Costo total de ser el mayor seguidor de Apple

Ahora, sumemos todo. Is there a good taste for your muñeca, for your bolsillos and for your hogar with a dispositivos Apple, for ¿qué for dejaría and for números rojos?

The total value of the prize of US $ 79,875.26, excluding costs of envío, impuestos and tarifas de operadores.

It’s an Apple app, chances are the market price for the market, the license for a 3% reembol or some other benefit. Available at US $ 2,396.25 the vuelta. Vale la pena, damn?


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