Eric García reflects on his future after the new offer of …

Eric García He will not renew at Manchester City and will be released at the end of the season. The central defender had the idea of ​​returning to the FC Barcelona, that was his home until he was 16 years old and that is the team of his heart. So has rejected all renewal proposals received by the Etihad and he waits for Barca to decide to do everything for him.

Last summer, the Catalans reached an agreement with him and negotiated his incorporation with City until the last day, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement on his transfer. The barcelonistas did not want to pay a high transfer for him and the deal was broken. This winter, the club was again interested in their situation, but there was no consensus among the candidates to the elections and his coming was again ruled out.

The footballer’s agent did negotiate a preliminary agreement with the club for his arrival in the summer. The figures of his salary and the seasons were agreed and it was left only to close his representative’s commission and defender’s bounty before arriving with the letter of release. The new president, in this case Joan Laporta, was expected to make that deal right, but things didn’t turn out as expected.

The new Board of Directors has not honored the agreement reached a few months ago and has decided to lower the offer to the defender. Barça’s economic situation is worse than previously thought and the club wanted to renegotiate the terms of Eric’s signing down. The salary they offer you is now well below the salary they offered you then and now the ‘city people’ do not really know what to do.

The Spaniard was willing to lower his salary from what was offered to him in Manchester or other teams interested in him. He understood the crisis in Barcelona and that’s why he didn’t go crazy negotiating his salary. However, things have changed since then you may not be willing to lose as much money as you could earn elsewhere

The ball is with Eric

Now Eric will have to decide whether it is worth signing with these conditions at Barça to make a dream come true. Pep Guardiola still wants him for City and the English will offer him another extension in case his departure is reconsidered. In addition, Arsenal or Paris Saint-Germain were also interested in his situation and were able to make very juicy proposals. The The ball is on the field of the international for Spain, who faces the decision that will mark his career