Employees at Boston Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts celebrate receiving the coronavirus vaccine with TikTok dance video

– Boston Medical Center was one of the first hospitals in Massachusetts to receive a shipment of the coronavirus vaccine Monday, and the 1,950 doses will be distributed to primary care health workers starting Wednesday, NBC Boston reports. However, after the delivery was made, something else happened: a “rare moment of joyful catharsis,” notes Boston.com. That moment came via a now-viral TikTok video, which the hospital shared on Facebook, showing hospital staff dancing exuberantly to Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” while decked out in their medical gowns, masks and face shields. “On December 14, Boston Medical Center received its first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine,” the caption posted on Facebook. “And the staff are feeling ‘good’ about this major turning point in the pandemic.”

BMC president Kate Walsh also shared the video online. “Why I love my job @The_BMC!” Walsh tweeted. “Teams of people working to distribute vaccines safely and equitably to their frontline colleagues are being encouraged by their friends who are celebrating the arrival of the vaccines! A great day, a great place.” The Boston Globe notes that the video made other people feel good too, with positive responses to the danceathon across the board. “This makes me so happy,” said Newton City Councilor Alicia Bowman tweeted. Another viewer noted“This made me very emotional. It’s been such a long year.” One of the dancers in the video even caught a not-so-secret admirer, that one PostedTo: “Who is the scene divider in the blue color at the 7 second mark?” (Read more uplifting news stories.)