Elizabeth Gutiérrez surprises with a cute pose next to her ‘princess’, her daughter Kailey

When Kailey Levy was born, Elizabeth Gutierrez he knew his life partner had arrived. Since she was very little, the girl showed the taste for fashion and the style that her mother possesses, an aspect that has been accentuated now that she is a teenager that is always on trend. To the surprise of her followers on Instagram, the actress delighted them with a pose next to the house ‘baby’ who celebrated her 11th birthday last March, a date when she received several congratulations on social networks from his family. , to become the most special that his father dedicated to him, William Levy who has been in Colombia since the end of last year to record the project that returns him to the small screen coffee smelling of women



Although Kailey has her own profile on Instagram, she has not published a current image for a long time, a situation that caused the surprise of her mother’s followers who did not take credit for how big the teen looks. he inherited the beauty that his parents possessIn the image, Elizabeth appears to be hugging the girl who, like a real model, posed for the camera: “My daughter. I love you”, the actress wrote as a description of the photo with which she has already caused more than 100 thousand LovesIn addition to how great Kailey looks in this snapshot, the style she boasts and has achieved with a asymmetrical one-sleeve blouse in a yellow shade that was accompanied by a gold chain; the girl complemented her look with a wavy hairstyle and her smile as the best ‘accessory’

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But Kailey isn’t just in love with her mom, recently, while promoting her new soap opera, her dad William Levy confessed that his daughter is the only woman he’s gone mad for: “My daughter is 10 years old and I live in love with her, I learned so much about women with her, all women have been candles since they were little, they know how to talk to us without us teaching her, she make me drool “, the Cuban actor stated in an interview for the channel RCN from Colombian television where he couldn’t hide his emotion when talking about little Kailey.

With the same love with which he spoke of her on television, William Levy dedicated a post to the girl for her 11th birthday last March, when he remotely did not let this date go unnoticed and with a beautiful image by his side, wrote: ‘No one can love a girl more than her father … I love your princess. Thank you for being my daughter. Thank you for that love you give me every day. I wish you a happy birthday. I love you with my life, my beautiful girl! May you always be so happy with that unique personality. I even like the blue coconuts! May God always protect and bless you! Amooooooo! “, the Cuban actor posted.

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Elizabeth thanked her children for life

With William Levy working outside of Miami, Elizabeth has had time to fully enjoy her children, with whom she starred in a special photo celebrating Thanksgiving last year accompanied by an emotional message .: I’ve always had a lot to be thankful for, but this year has been a year where I’ve felt that all my prayers have been answered, that my children are protected even when I wasn’t with them, that life gives you tests of faith that maybe not all is rosy, but you feel with every step of the faith that you are taking the presence of God into your life “, wrote next to a picture of the three in which he referred to the accident his son had suffered Christopher that turned into a golf cart.