Dominican writer Marcio Veloz Maggiolo remains admitted to COVID

The famous Dominican writer is still admitted to the Advanced Medicine and Telemedicine Diagnostic Center (Cedimat) after being infected with the coronavirus.

This was confirmed by the PR agency of the referred medical center to this medium.

Maggiolo was admitted to the intensive care unit at Cedimat this week.

According to the Dominican Academy of Languages, Marcio is not only a writer, but also a storyteller, poet, essayist, literary critic, archaeologist and anthropologist.

Among other things, he received the National Poetry Prize (1961) for Intus; National Novel Prize (1962) with The Good Thief; National Novel Award (1981), The Diffuse Biography of Sombra Castañeda; National Short Story Award (1981), The Fruitful Agony of Love; National Novel Award (1990) with raw material; National Novel Prize (1992), Cabaret Rites; National Literature Prize (1996) and National Book Fair Prize (1997) for Trujillo, Villa Francisca and other spirits.