Despite the loss to Ravens, Browns still has a clear path to playoffs

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

Getty Images

The bad news for the Browns is they lost a heartthrob to divisional rival Ravens on Monday night. The good news for the Browns is that they are still on track to make it to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

The 9-4 Browns are still leading the wildcard package in the AFC playoff picture, and their schedule for the rest of the way is favorable.

On Sunday evening, the Browns will face the Giants. Cleveland is a 3.5 point favorite. The following week, the Browns will play against the Jets, the worst team in the NFL, and will be highly preferred. And in the final week of the season, the Browns face a Steelers team that could rest the starters: Pittsburgh may have conquered the AFC North, but may have already lost the home field advantage to Kansas City, in which case the Steelers would have nothing to play for.

The Browns probably only need to win two of those three games to make it to the playoffs. Cleveland should still be in the postseason, despite last night’s loss.