Daughters of Daniela Castro and Julio César Chávez are holding the chongo!

A few days ago, part of the production of the telenovela made “What’s Happening to My Family?” He moved to a bar in western Mexico City to record one of the main sequences of the youth plot, where the characters ‘Sol’ and ‘Camila’, played by Danka, the daughter of Daniela castro, and Nicole, the daughter of Julio Cesar Chavez, they cling to hits

While the young actresses get along great off-camera, their characters collide in the story because of the love of ‘Lalo,’ Emilio Osorio, who doesn’t know which one to listen to.

For these scenes, the actresses were rehearsing several times to avoid them accident, in addition, they had doubles for any event that could occur, but it was not necessary.

Several times the scene was repeated because to have all the angles, it was shot a few times, always at the end with the girls supporting each other and applauding the good work they had achieved.

Julio Cesar Chavez's daughter is fighting

Behind the scenes we saw the daughter of the first actress Daniela Castro happy with living with her boyfriend, who came to the venue by surprise to support and pamper her. As we also saw Daniela herself, always aware of the scenes of her daughter, from whom she drank her photos and videos

fight what's happening to my family

In addition, the producer himself Juan Osorio He was aware of these scenes where, although there was risk, everything went perfectly. Miss ‘What’s wrong with my family?’ at 8.30 pm for Las Estrellas.

emilio osorio what's wrong with my family