Cyberpunk FPS Turbo Overkill gives you a chainsaw bone to kill

Even if you feel a little tired from neon lit cyberpunk aesthetics in your video games, you should be a newcomer Turbo Overkill credit for a major combat innovation: it has a chainsaw leg. Trigger Happy Interactive’s new fast-paced first-person shooter turns your leg into a chainsaw. Couple that with Overcome-style power-sliding, and you have what looks nice Doom-inspired shooter on your radar.

Turbo Overkill looks like a cybernetic murder ballet in its debut gameplay trailer. The player, as a violent killing machine charged with clearing the streets of Neo-Paradise, can run against the wall, double jump, air blast and chain saw slide. They can also shoot a lot of guns.

The game proudly carries its visual and gameplay influences (OutRun, vapor wave, Duke Nukem, and Earthquake) on its cover and on its Steam page, where the developer also promises “outrageous gore and fragmentation” as a feature.

Trigger Happy Interactive has Turbo Overkill scheduled for release on PC “Soon ™.”