Compass Group lanza a proyecto for impulsar, bienestar and trabajo

Compass Group España pone and marcha el proyecto Compass Wellbeing. The object, it is a statement of mentality and an overview of the prices and the search for a product that can be sold. The compañía de restauración colectiva, the impulses and the buenos hábitos alimentarios, da un paso más for the cuidado integrally de personas and un entorno marcado por el aumento de necesidades and este ámbito por el impacto de pandemia.

Compass Group España is a plantea llegar con el proyecto a las 85,000 personas awaits a diario Eurest, with a special marca and an ámbito empresarial. For a “portal web of the bienestar” and for fast access to the Internet and for the re-estimation of a fixed value in the form of a breeding ground for a difference in the management of another and a large number of different ways of creating a valid to gain access.

The basis of the classes is a library of videos from Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditación. This is a release to Swami Shanmugananda’s yoga maestro and a license to the concentracion for personal purposes.

Para Marc González, director de Marketing y Comunicación de Compass Group España, este proyecto “The result of the long run for a response to the new character and a moment, breath, and the relevance of the saludas and the facets of the development and size of the size”.

A first time and a compass Well-being has a range of 400 centro residenciales and a medirest, with a special sociosanitario and a diario of 65,000 mayors. And this is really the case, this is the first class of the yoga maestra Gauri Agulla.

Los contenidos de Compass Wellbeing is a fortified and a large amount of the best meals with a concretizing meal in gastronomy and a saludistant for different colectivos with a partner in general.