Chrome OS developers highlight the Linux terminal in a new promo video

Google rolled out the new Terminal 2.0 for Crostini Linux in late July, and with it came some much-needed UI improvements to make Chrome OS’s developer environment a bit more user-friendly. With the update, users can now customize the terminal and open multiple terminal instances in one window. Most of it is just for show and has little to do with the functionality of the Terminal app, but you can access and customize keyboard shortcuts to manage your personal workflow.

As Google continues to convince developers to Chrome OS for creating Android applications and using different development environments, the Chrome Developer Team dropped a handy little video explaining the ins and outs of navigating and customizing the Linux terminal on Chrome OS. There’s not really anything new to gather here, but Developer Relations Engineer Joyce Toh does a great job of highlighting this powerful tool in the ever-expanding Chrome OS toolbox.

The coolest part about this video is that it really makes it clear that Google is committed to making Chrome OS a go-to platform for developers and not just a “cheap EDU device” as many might think. Think about it. Chromebooks can now run Android applications, the best of the web, powerful Linux apps, and even a full Windows desktop if needed. The pain of printing with a Chromebook will soon be a thing of the past, and many new Chrome OS laptops offer the same premium features you’d find on other operating systems. I’m really curious to see how Chromebooks will be received by consumers in the next 12-18 months as users are starting to realize there’s very little you can’t do with Chrome OS.

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