Chivas: Javier “La Chofis” López throws an arrow at the Flock; ‘They were wrong’

With only a few months in the United States with the San Jose Earthquakes de la MLS the former player of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Javier Eduardo ‘La Chofis’ López, returned to throw several darts against his former team and the Mexican sports press, ensuring that they were largely responsible for his departure from the team.

The Chofis stressed that he didn’t like the ways he left Chivas, But he doesn’t regret leaving the club where he was founded, reiterating that it wasn’t his fault he left the flock that way, which is why he feels calm.

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“Yes, sorry as such, I just wouldn’t have liked to go out that much, otherwise I would have liked to go out a different way, but hey, it wasn’t my fault, for this part I’m calm,” he told TUDN .

In the interview, La Chofis assured that footballers in Mexico are being overly criticized, reiterating the words recently published by French UANL Tigres striker André Pierre Gignac, who assured Mexicans are Mexicans’ worst enemy.

La Chofis hinted that while in Guadalajara he was having a very bad time because of certain things that had happened within the Guadalajara club, noting that they were very affected mentally, for which he is reluctant to talk about the subject.

“The truth is things happened that they wouldn’t understand, but otherwise you have to think positively, it’s things that hurt me mentally, the truth is I was very bad, and the truth is I didn’t I like to talk a lot about it, it was very difficult, I was a little disappointed, but now I’m better.

López assured that the rojiblanco club made wrong decisions in his case, so he was calm now, surrounded by people who help him a lot in this preseason.

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“There have happened that they didn’t make the right decisions, but I don’t have a problem with that, I’m calm, I’m happy, now I’m with the right people who will help me a lot and that’s because of the way they helped me a lot this preseason, I feel very good ”, said La Chofis.

Finally, La Chofis confessed that he does miss Chivas and that he will always miss him, as the rojiblanco club was where he was trained as a player and where he had the chance to make his debut in the Mexican First Division.

“Yes, I miss Chivas, it is clearly the team that gave me the opportunity as a footballer and I will always be grateful for that,” he concluded.

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