China hanging algunos internacionales con destino of país en cinco personas a bordo de un avion and positivo por coronavirus and llegar and sus aeropuertos

(CNN) – China suspenders with an international access to the Chinese civil registry and a position by the covid-19 cuando aterricen, the Chinese government of the Chinese civil registry and a common communication.

Available now, with a valid time or position by the covid-19 in China and a vuelo, with a long-term ban for a specified time, a notice in the communication.

Air funicular and the transit of the city 2:03

See a suspension of six months from 10 months and a positive by the virus. The rule of the car of the aviación is a permit for a reanudar or an operación of a semana and a ruta afectada, one last time suspension.

Anteriorment, the aerolíneas teen que cumplir with una suspensión de una semana and cinco of más pasajeros and a vuelo daban positivo por covid-19. There are restrictions on the implementation of a con efecto inmediato.

Este martes, the Administración de Aviación Civil de China emitió avisos de suspensión de una semana a Ethiopian Airlines, the aerolínea rusa Pegas Fly and Swiss International Air Lines has a queue or a pasajeros in the queue via a queue for a specified time by covid- 19.