CD Projekt Red plans two HUGE patches, with a refund

Cyberpunk 2077 is a mess, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR mess. CD Projekt Red has plans to fix the game and offers some refund options.

Making a video game is hard work. It requires art, coding, audio, rigs, and models to work together as a cohesive whole that can withstand the greatest agent of chaos: the player. Some will deliberately look for ways to exploit or break a game just for fun, but most are just looking for an enjoyable gaming experience.

From launch, Projekt Red’s CD Cyberpunk 2077 is doing not provide that enjoyable gaming experience. Despite being slowed down several times, it’s a buggy mess, full of glitches and crashes, and it’s actually unpleasant to play, especially on last-generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. CDPR has already tweeted his intention to fix the most glaring bugs, with the first patch released in January and minor updates regularly between now and then. However, players have options.

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Let CDPR fix it

Cyberpunk 2077 Third Person Car

For anyone who’s ever invested in an early access game, waiting for CDPR to fix the problem is a better option. We’ve already gotten a timeline for the patches, so that’s out of the question when a solution will come. Thanks to the prevalence of Internet access, post-release patches are quite common in these modern times, even on console games. Pokémon X / Y notably received a patch due to the groundbreaking Lumiose City bug, and this was on a now outdated console. Other popular games have received updates after release with great success. We are no longer stuck with a broken game forever – a game released in bad shape can be fixed after release.

CDPR is definitely focused on improving the game, with the first of the updates being released now and a second round in a week. If the bigger patches come in the next two months, it means players won’t have to suffer long with a broken game.

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Get a refund

At the same time, there are too many choices and a player’s money is too hard earned to justify throwing their money away on a game that broke at launch. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed several times this year alone, not to mention its eight-year history. Only to be full of glitches and bugs when it finally comes did the release is an insult to the players who have waited so long and scolded $ 60 for this mess. It may not be fair to the people who made the game, but it is the feeling many have, and the surest way for them to express their displeasure is through their wallets.

This brings us to the second option that players have: pay back the game. CD Projekt Red also outlined in its tweet how to return the game, both through digital purchases and on paper. In the case of digital copies, the PSN and Xbox refund policy is recommended, while in-store refunds are offered as the first option for hard copies. If that option isn’t available, they also provide an email that people can contact.

In either case, CPDR offers these fixes specifically to players of the latest generation of consoles. However, in a postscript, they state that “PC gamers will also receive regular updates and fixes,” meaning these updates will be available to everyone. Current generation consoles may not have the visual problems that last generation consoles have, but many bugs are still being reported. Players have been waiting for this game for over eight years and are watching for maybe two more months before it is playable. Two months may be manageable for some and a deal-breaker for others, but CDPR has given players options anyway.

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