Canada from an empezar to a Pfizer-BioNTech vacancy

Canada empezará este lunes and distribuir the vacuna contra el covid-19 of the alianza estadounidense-alemana Pfizer / BioNTech, it is a conservatory of a primeros países and a pro-tratamiento.

The job opening is a Canadian house or noche.

El primer ministro, Justin Trudeau, celebró la “buena noticia”, pero record of “lucha contra el covid-19 no terminó”, and su cuenta on Twitter. “Ahora más que nunca, seamos más vigilantes”, añadió.

A recommended dose of 249,000 between the first and the first month, 30,000 the first month, an indication of the first ministro.

Local media players, the vacancy that spans the country in Quebec, the provinces and the pandemic, and the first beneficiaries are the residences of the ancianos.

In the province of Ontario, in the region of the vacancy near a plan for a protester of 2,500 hospitals and residences in the United States.

Respect one of the provinces, “estarán en posición de administrar las vacunas en los próximos días”, the channel of the channel CBC Dany Fortin, the area of ​​distribution of the tratamiento in Canada.

It is a monthly consumption of 20 millons of the dose of the Pfizer and BioNTech technology that can be established at the development stage, with an adjustable dose of 56 million additional doses.

The product is 95% in some degree of health, administration and dosage at 21 intervals.

Canada has a registry of 460,743 coronavirus and a sufrido of 13,400 valleys from the onset of pandemic.