Broncos individual player figures for week 14 at Panthers

The Denver Broncos took a 32-27 win over the Carolina Panthers, playing a clean game at every stage. Offensively, the Broncos moved the ball efficiently and defensively, usually restricting the opponent.

Things got a little choppy towards the end of the game, but the Broncos made it through. It was a good team effort with most individual players playing a good game. That leads us to the player figures.

But don’t forget that the MVP is disclosed and analyzed in it video above, as usual.

The positive

DeShawn Williams | DL: 90.2

With so many injuries at stake, Williams has really taken it one step further and come into its own by playing really good football. His play this year has landed him a profound role with the Broncos for 2021 and hopefully he can show more necessary development.

Drew Lock | QB: 87.8

This was one of them, if not the best games from Lock’s young career. It wasn’t perfect, which no one expected, but it showed the right progress it took to earn 2021 as a starter. Lock’s footwork was cleaner, he didn’t force throws, took what was there and played within the schedule. Eventually the shots opened and he took them, which we should see. This was a big step forward for Lock, but consistency is still needed through the last three games.

KJ Hamler | WR: 85.4

A reasonable complaint about offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur was his poor use of Hamler and this game showed how the speedster rookie had been mishandled in the past games. Hamler challenged the Panthers’ defense over the top and saw it break twice.

Alexander Johnson | LB: 83.7

Another player with consistency issues who played a clean game. There were no missed tackles in this one and Johnson did well in his coverage, too, despite the limited use.

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The negative

Netane Muti | RG: 29.5

It was a rough NFL debut from Muti, but there were enough flashes to keep us hopeful for his future. It was clear he was a rookie getting his first start, but he also showed why many saw him as a potential runner-up in the second round with injury history aside. Give Muti another year in the couch, as the primary backup guard, and get him to start in 2022 as he continues his upward climb.

DeMarcus Walker | DL: 30.1

Although it had a bag, it was not a high quality bag. What hurt most was his flight defense. Walker did better tape as a run defender this season, but this game was reminiscent of his gruesome run defense of yesteryear.

Shelby Harris | DL: 35.2

Like Walker, Harris has put together a much better defense tape outside of this game this season. It was tough to see Harris being bullied in the running game and his impact as a pass rusher was minimal.

Dalton Risner | LG: 37.6

Risner had his hands full with Derrick Brown and was pretty battered in the running game. Risner held out in pass protection, but the run game losses were severe.

Other remarkable figures

Jerry Jeudy | WR: 65.3

It is time for Jeudy to spend time at the pitcher machine. He added one more drop, ahead of his six in the season, but hasn’t had the big, positive impact of balancing the scales. The flashes of potential are exciting, but Denver needs him to be more consistent next year.

Kareem Jackson | S.: 58.7

While he had some big hits, he also had some missed tackles. Jackson has a history of being hit or miss with his tackling and that’s what Denver got against the Panthers. The Broncos were also lucky with some missed reads because Jackson was out of place in the coverage a few times.

Calvin Anderson | LT: 53.2

Starting with the left tackle for a sick Garett Bolles, Anderson did well. He held his own in pass protection and showed some physical abuse as a run blocker. It wasn’t perfect, but Denver may have a future right tackle in Anderson if he takes a big step forward. At the very least, he looks like a capable backup swing tacker.

Bradley Chubb | OLB: 51.0

A story about two phases. As a pass rusher, Chubb did well after the quarterback. As a run defender, he was mostly bullied. Chubb also missed two tackles, which really hurt the defense.

For the game’s MVP, check out the video above.

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