British politicians are calling for action against PS5 and Xbox series scalpers

A group of UK MPs has called for legislation to prevent PlayStation 5 “href =” “> PS5 and Xbox Series X | S” href = “https: //”>Xbox Series X / S scalpers from reselling consoles for “huge profits”.

Six Scottish National Parties filed an Early Day Motion on Monday, calling for legislative proposals “banning the resale of game consoles and computer components at prices well above the manufacturer’s recommended retail price”.

Early Day Motions are motions submitted by MPs that formally call for debate in the House to draw attention to specific topics.

Monday’s motion, signed so far by a total of 15 MPs, also calls on the UK government to end the resale of goods purchased using automated bots – software preferred by scalpers to bypass in-store queues. – make an illegal activity.

MEPs propose to implement legislative proposals similar to those for secondary ticket sales, which require resellers to be transparent about their identity and seating details.

A group of UK MPs has called for action against console addicts.

The motion states that “new releases of game consoles and computer components must be available to all customers at no more than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price, and must not be purchased in bulk through the use of automated bots that often use the retailer”. .

It says an action that prohibits bots “[deny] unscrupulous sellers are given the opportunity to make huge profits at the expense of real gamers and computer users, while also deterring rogue cyber criminals. “

With PS5 and Xbox “href =” “> Xbox Series X / S not meeting launch demand, next-gen console scalpers have been trying to make money in the past month by Sell ​​at extortionate prices on marketplaces such as eBay, where a significant number of consoles have sold for more than double their selling price.

A recent study suggested that so-called “scalpers” have made more than $ 28 million in next-gen console profits through auction site eBay.

According to an analysis by data engineer Michael Driscoll, the median retail price for Xbox Series S (MSRP $ 300) on eBay was $ 469 and the more powerful Xbox Series X ($ 499 MSRP) was $ 865, bringing in more than $ 9 million in profit for resellers.

PS5 Digital Edition (MSRP $ 399) had a median retail price of $ 937, while PS5 (MSRP $ 499) had a median retail price of $ 1,021, generating a profit of $ 19 million for resellers.

It has been suggested that the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S shortages are partly caused by scalper groups that use software to automatically purchase consoles once they are in stock.

The bots work by automatically notifying users when PS5s come into stock at retailers, before bypassing waiting times, adding items to their cart and then completing the checkout process, giving users a huge advantage over regular consumers.

These types of tools are not new: sneakers and ticket collectors sometimes use automated tools to identify restocks. The surge in the popularity of gaming during the pandemic has reportedly seen bots used specifically to target consoles like Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Series X / S in the store

Websites often try to block automated buyers like this one, but bot designers have prevented this by routing traffic through several other computers before ordering items.

A group reportedly using automated bots, CrepChiefNotify, claims to have purchased more than 5,000 next-gen consoles in the past month to resell at a profit.

Unsurprisingly, CrepCheifNotify has received negative comments from consumers struggling to get PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

However, in a recent statement by the group, it defended its actions, claiming that many of its members were struggling financially but were now able to “put food on the table” thanks to console profits.

“Many of our community have been on leave, have become redundant or have been affected in some way by the pandemic,” he said.

“These people have managed to pay their bills, put food on the table and give their children Christmas presents.

“It may be a shame that a child doesn’t wake up with a PS5 this Christmas, but another child may have woken up. We have no regrets. ⁠ “

Demand for both PS5 and Xbox Series X / S is expected to outpace supply in the near future, with Xbox head Phil Spencer “href =” “> Phil Spencer recently suggesting that the Xbox Series X / S shortages will continue into the spring of 2021.