Biden’s “call” effect sparks a humanitarian crisis on the US border

Mexico City.

An apparent normalcy reigns in the American city Step, on the border with Mexico, although from here the US. I returnedmany of the undocumented try to get into these weeks of the migration crisis what exploded to the president Joe Biden.

Those people are left on the Mexican side of the International Bridge North Pass, which is worrying activists in the area as the hostels in Ciudad Juárez they are starting to be busy.

“What I saw in it Juarez it’s confusion, ” volunteer Cecilia Herrera, who helps immigrants in El Paso.

For this woman, the situation in the Mexican city contrasts with that of the hostels in El Paso, where management is more orderly and rules are applied to prevent contamination COVID-19.


Criticism is raging Biden due to the increase in the arrival of immigrants undocumented, many of them minors alone, after promising a more humane treatment.

Yet the president did not show himself during the first press conference of his mandate on Thursday regrettable your immigration policy predecessor, Donald Trump.

On the outskirts, the Border Patrol handle the entry of unaccompanied minors, who are not eject immediately, with which they are sent to shelters.

The activists inside Step attribute the massive arrival of children and adolescents to a source of desperation by parents to dissuade children minors keep waiting in Mexico, because they only go to the northern country.

Unfortunately, ‘Title 42’ (which relates to evictions) puts parents in a very, very difficult position to which they have to choose as your kids they stay with them or if they enter the US alone, ”López complained.


While in Washington immigration is taking over the debate politician, in Step this is a situation you could foresee coming.

“What’s happening at the border right now is we have thousands of people who have spent the last two years of (Donald Trump have waited Mexico to enter the US and to request asylumMelissa López, executive director of Diocesan Services for Migrants and Refugees in El Paso, explained to Efe.

“And now,” he continued, “because we have one new president, they see it as an opportunity to get in UNITED STATES”.

A few yards from Mexican territory, Step It has seen tens of thousands of people parade over the past 10 years, the number of which varies depending on the conditions in their country of origin. Added to this are the policies of the US government on duty.

During his tenure, one of the measures Trump took was the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP, also known as ‘Remain in Mexico’), which forced thousands of applicants asylum in the US to wait Mexico to get their demands resolved.


Biden premiered on it White House announcing that it was suspending registrations in the MPP, the first of several steps to end that policy, and ushering in an era for the immigrants.

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When restoring it immigration system, the undocumentedThose entering the United States collide with the reality of express expulsions.

Parallel to Step Three groups of about 40 asylum seekers, whose entry is allowed after a covid test, arrive daily and depart for other destinations in the country within a maximum of 72 hours, according to Herrera.

“There is the capacity, there is the preparation”the volunteer said. EFE