Austin-born Baker Mayfield appreciated Colt McCoy’s Texas game; compliments Daniel Jones

CLEVELAND, Ohio – CLEVELAND, Ohio – Baker Mayfield’s disdain for his hometown Texas Longhorns is well documented, but he couldn’t help but appreciate Colt McCoy’s game growing up in Austin.

McCoy, the Browns’ third-round pick in 2010, could get the start on Sunday night against the Browns if Daniel Jones isn’t healthy. Jones is recovering from a hamstring injury and now also has a sprained ankle.

“I’ve never been a fan of Texas, but I appreciated the way Colt played,” said Mayfield. “He’s a winner, no doubt about that. Everything he did for that program, clearly in the backyard of it, saw it all. He is a winner. He led his team all the time. I followed him closely because (former Browns backup quarterback) Garrett Gilbert who was with us, one of my friends who was Colt’s backup in his freshman year. I’ve always respected Colt. He is a winner. He’s a great guy. “

Like Mayfield, McCoy did nothing but win in college, going 45-8 in 53 career tenets with Texas to set the NCAA record for wins at the time. McCoy and Mayfield are also similar in size and playing style.

“I would say the ability to play just make things happen,” Mayfield said. “You watch some of his plays, nothing has been there and he has made something. I think that’s an agreement. “

McCoy, who did enough to help the Giants upset the Seahawks 17-12 two weeks ago, went 6-15 as a start with the Browns in 2010 and 2011, throwing 21 touchdowns and 20 interceptions on poor teams that were 5- 11 and 4 went. -12.

Mayfield on Daniel Jones

Mayfield was highly praised for Daniel Jones, last season’s No. 6 overall pick from Duke.

“Because we play in their division this year and see more of his stuff on tape just by studying our movie,” Mayfield said. “I think he’s doing great, really. Giving his boys opportunities. Putting them in a position to win. And as we discussed before, about using my legs to go down first and move the markers, he does a great job. If he wants to tuck it in and run, he can move. Now I don’t know about the last part when he tripped to the 5 yard line (kidding), but he can move. “

Mayfield and Jones cleared the air after Mayfield was quoted by GQ as saying he couldn’t believe the Giants summoned Jones. Mayfield said he was taken out of context and later cleared the air with Jones.

Mayfield will be contacting Odell Beckham Jr. this week.

Knowing how much this game for Odell Beckham Jr. Mayfield will be contacting him this week.

“This one would mean a lot to him,” Mayfield said. “And not necessarily out of revenge, but when you play a team you know – I had the same thing in college when I played Texas Tech – it means a lot to you. We’re going to play for him because he’s one of our boys, so we have to. “

* BJ Goodson on his reunion with the Giants

Good son, a fourth round of the Clemson Giants, returns to Metlife Stadium on Sunday evening to play against the team that drafted him for the fourth round of the 2016 draft from Clemson.

“Cold head, warm heart,” he said of taking on the team that traded him to the Packers last season. “That’s not really my motive. My motive is to make sure my boys’ spirit is right to go to this event and just give us the best chance of coming out with the win. “

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