Arizona Mayors Doctors Calling Gov. Ducey to Impose Mask Mandate and Demand COVID-19 Lighting

PHOENIX – A group of Arizona mayors, lawmakers and doctors are demanding that Doug Ducey government take additional steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our state, according to a letter released Wednesday.

In the letter, local leaders and doctors urged Gov. Ducey to impose a statewide mandate and also asked to contact President Trump and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for a comprehensive COVID-19 aid package.

The group also said Governor Ducey should help raise unemployment benefits in Arizona above the $ 240 maximum. They say these unemployment benefits are the second lowest weekly unemployment benefit in the country and the lowest nationwide percentage of lost wages that Has been replaced.

With COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly and over the coming holidays, local leaders and health workers say there is “a need for leadership to prevent catastrophic spread in the state.”

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Local leaders and health workers said they applaud local governments who have taken mitigation measures in the absence of statewide action.

There were 4,848 new cases and 108 coronavirus-related new deaths reported in Arizona as of Wednesday.

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When Gov. Ducey was asked at a press conference on Wednesday about calls for more mitigation efforts, he said, “We’re doing everything we can.”

During the briefing, Gov. Ducey urged all Arizonans to “please get the (COVID-19) vaccine when it is available to you.”