Aquarius Horoscope – Friday March 26, 2021 | Aquarius horoscopes

This day you will feel revolutionary in the sense that you will see and understand that change is needed, you will try to change rules, limits, laws and restrictions to make them more up to date for our time.

You will want to reorganize everything presented to you. It is the energy that Jupiter generates through the sign of Aquarius.

To take advantage of the success in your life, you must learn to be humble, that fame or success does not go to your head, you must develop a more tolerant and impartial attitude in public that will help make you happier. It is the energy that Saturn generates through the sign of Aquarius.

There are uncomfortable aspects to inducing love, because Mars is going through the 5th house, the house of the pleasures, but with different squares that might take you to the bottom.

But don’t worry, because you also have it with a trine to Saturn, and Saturn is the planet that arrives when it is most needed to save you from any excess.

Today, the Cancer sign passes through the 6th house, the house of health, and that sign controls the lungs, bust, chest, ribs, intercostal cartilage, among other things. It is recommended to pay special attention to that part of the body so as not to cause a major problem.

There are good conditions to work, although it is true that you are experiencing some changes, these are all for the better, your emotional stability is good and with a lot of closeness to the siblings, be a little careful with the communication.

Make sure to express your opinion correctly so that you don’t cause trouble with your colleagues. It is, by the energy of the moon, very well viewed in the 3rd house, the house of the brothers.

There are very good conditions for a couple’s relationship, because in the 7th house, the couple’s house passes through the sign of Leo, and the ruling star is the sun, which is also paired with Venus. So now your thing is to give or receive a lot of love, to feel happy with what life gives you.

There are some situations of concern in money matters, you maintain your economic stability through the squares of Mercury in the 2nd house, the house of financial resources, with Mars and the moon, they generate changes and shocks because you don’t undermine your temperament and those things have control. desires to buy things that you sometimes don’t need. It may spare you a little bit of Mercury’s trine with the ascendant to convey your ideas correctly.


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The aspect of Pluto in Sextile with Neptune emphasizes your creative and artistic skill, it also indicates the fight against human injustice, you will want to participate in the struggle of those who need it, today yours will be the freedom of speech and the positive use of your mystical qualities.