Apple adjusts trade-in prices for Apple Watch, iPad and Mac

Apple has adjusted the resale value of many of its products overnight. Some devices, such as iPads, have seen a moderate increase in value, while others, such as Macs, have seen a decline.

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Apple encourages customers to upgrade by offering the option to trade in older devices for credit towards a new purchase. The latest changes in trade-in program values ​​noted by I moreincluding iPads, Apple Watches, Macs, and even some Android devices.

Apple has increased the maximum resale value of many products in its iPad range. The iPad Pro is up $ 25 to $ 525. The iPad Air and entry-level ‌iPad‌ have won $ 40 to reach $ 250 and $ 240 respectively. Finally, the iPad mini has risen from $ 175 to $ 205.

Apple has given the value of the Apple Watch models a small boost. The Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 4 are up $ 10 to $ 95 and $ 150, while the Apple Watch Series 1 is up from $ 30 to $ 35.

On the other hand, several Macs have lowered their trade-in value. The MacBook Pro is down from $ 1,760 to $ 1,530, down from $ 230. The MacBook Air also lost $ 100 to $ 630, while the MacBook is down $ 380 from $ 450.

In regards to desktops, the iMac Pro has seen a significant cut from $ 540 to just $ 3,040. The iMac is down to $ 1180 from $ 1390, and the Mac mini is down to $ 830 from $ 930. The Mac Pro appears to be the only Mac to gain value, up nearly double the previous Mac. price of $ 1,490. Customers can now trade in the ‌Mac Pro‌ for $ 2,930.

For Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has dropped in price from $ 270 to $ 225, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +, as well as Google Pixel devices, have seen small increases.

These prices reflect the maximum value that customers can expect for their device. The actual rating depends on the condition of the device.

Analysts have recently suggested that Apple’s trade-in program could become an important part of an all-in-one hardware and software subscription in the future, should Apple combine with the iPhone upgrade program and Apple One.

For more information on trade-in values, see Apple’s full list of maximum trade-in prices.