Apex Legends developer confirms accidental Bangalore & Caustic nerf will be fixed in Season 9

Respawn has confirmed that the accidental nerf to Bangalore and Caustic in the Chaos Theory update will be fixed in Apex Legends Season 9 when it drops.

The Chaos Theory Event came out on March 9th and added a lot of new content to Apex Legends. However, players quickly noticed a change in Bangalore and Caustic that was not in official posts from Respawn.

Bangalore’s Tactical Smoke Launcher and Caustic’s Nos Gas Medium Smoke is integral to the power of both Legends. However, after the update, players noticed that their smoke was much less effective at hiding them from view.

Previously, smoke obscured almost all of the players in it, allowing them to move freely and move according to the situation.

Reddit: giilgaa

Players have been able to discern legends much more easily while in smoke.

Respawn quickly addressed the issues, explaining that, “There was a change to the underlying VFX that we made for optimization purposes. The goal was to make it look identical to what came before, but apparently that didn’t happen. “

On April 16, Lead Game Designer Daniel Klein gave an update on Reddit, in response to a user who asked, “Do we have an update on this? It’s a pretty big deal that gets in the way of this Legend’s entire equipment. “

Klein, much to the relief of Bangalore and Caustic pipes around the world, replied, “It’s in Season 9.”

Daniel Klein Season 9 Banaglore Caustic Smoke Reddit Response

Klein’s confirmation via Reddit.

While much of the Season 9 update has yet to be confirmed, all signs point to a legend named Falcon, whose leaked skills suggested she was a Soaring Aviator.

The update would also bring major changes to both Olympus and World’s Edge. Players can also expect a host of bug fixes with this smoke visibility tweak.

Apart from possible delays, Season 9 will be released on May 4, 2021.