AirPods Max deliveries are starting to reach customers

The first AirPods Max deliveries are reaching customers this morning, and some of them have shared photos on Twitter.

They had to come in quickly to receive delivery today, as shipping times expired very quickly in March of next year – a fact that scalpers were quickly using …

As always, the first customers to get their hands on Apple’s new over-ear headphones were in Australia and New Zealand, but we’ve now also seen photos from customers in China and Europe …

AirPods Max was available for pre-order from December 8, with the earliest delivery date today. We’ve gradually learned more about it in the meantime, including the unsurprising fact that Apple doesn’t include a charger – and the more surprising news that you don’t get an audio cable either. It’s normal for premium headphones in this price range to come with a range of accessories, including both cables and adapters for wired use.

Adam Wang showed off his AirPods Max, saying the headphones are pretty good in every way, but don’t feel as special as you’d expect for the price.

Mac4Ever left theirs in the box for live unboxing later.

Alice Clarke showed photos of herself wearing the space gray pair.

King Technology showed theirs in the controversial case.

Vin believes the ANC is better than Sony’s XM4 headphones, saying there is no distortion at any volume.

A few more below,

There are also some photos posted in the store and Apple will no doubt share official photos later on.

Our poll found that most readers find them too expensive, but Apple’s pricing strategy is in line with that for HomePods.

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