77 inmates at the Fort Madison prison were accidentally given over-doses of COVID vaccine

(KCRG) – According to the Iowa Department of Corrections (DOC), 77 inmates at Iowa State Penitentiary were accidentally given too high doses of the COVID vaccine.

Officials say two medical staff members mistakenly administered the Pfizer vaccine to the inmates, with the dosage exceeding the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

Upon learning of the error, the DOC said they immediately contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for advice.

The affected prisoners have been made aware of the error and are being closely monitored by medical personnel, officials said. The CDC and Pfizer advised not to expect any major side effects, but advised the DOC to keep a close eye on prisoners for at least 48 hours. The DOC said they plan to perform routine medical health checks for several days.

According to the DOC, the only side effects the inmates experienced were those commonly associated with the Pfizer vaccine.

As a result, the DOC has temporarily suspended vaccine administration in prison while an investigation is underway.

The two nurses who administered the vaccines have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

According to the DOC, 200 inmates at Iowa State Penitentiary received their first dose of the COVID vaccine and 48 inmates received their second dose. Across the department, 1,964 inmates received their first dose and 214 inmates received their second dose of the vaccine.

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