43 Haitians Arrested in Honduras in Search of ‘American Dream’

El Paraíso, Honduras.

43 Haitians have been detained by police officers for the past several hours as they attempted to cross Honduran areas on their way to USA, irregularly and through border points without the presence of public security agents.

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Caribbean citizens are said to have entered Honduran geography through the department of The Paradise, eastern region of the country NicaraguaThe journey that migrants from that country took is unknown, in an already recurring practice of Cuban, Haitian, Jamaican, Asian and African migrants targeting American soil during a burial expedition by Guatemala Y Mexico

The action, coordinated by officials from National Border Police Directorate (DNSPF), assigned to departmental unit number 7, also had two persons of Honduran descent arrested for the alleged crime of irregular human trafficking.

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One vehicle of this has been impounded9,459 lempiras, in various denominations, and two cell phones. It was detailed that one of them is originally from San Marcos Abajo, Danlí, and has 28 years old; the other, a resident of the Centroamérica Oeste neighborhood of Tegucigalpa 31 years old.

They are accused of coordinating the illegal trade in people who were currently traveling on a bus, presumably towards the international border of El Amatillo, Come on in The Savior Y Honduras

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Haitian migrants will be referred to the authorities of the The National Institute of Migration (INM), who will coordinate the respective legal process for their deportation to Haiti