3,215 Amazon employees cast ballots in Bessemer Union Vote

  • The NLRB counted 3,215 votes in the historic union vote of Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama.
  • RWDSU, the union under which workers would unite, said Amazon was challenging hundreds of ballots.
  • The number of public votes could start as early as Thursday, the RWDSU said in a statement.
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According to a press release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a total of 3,215 employees at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, cast their votes in a closely monitored vote on whether or not to unite a union.

The warehouse has more than 5,800 employees, which means that about 55% of the employees voted.

The RWDSU, under which Amazon’s warehouse workers would unite, said the National Labor Relations Board has approved all of the undisputed ballots, but that “ hundreds of disputed ballots ” remain, most of which were challenged by Amazon, and that “ more issues could affect are on the final. Results. “

According to the RWDSU, NLRB will likely start counting votes via videoconference on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning Eastern Time.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

In the controversial union vote, Amazon repeatedly challenged aspects of the voting process with NLRB, which rejected the company’s request to install cameras to monitor polling stations in NLRB’s Birmingham office.

Union organizers have also complained about Amazon’s tactics, including allegedly calling in local law enforcement to monitor organizers and reconfiguring the request to reconfigure warehouse traffic lights to reduce the time organizers have to talk to workers entering the facility and leave.